We offer rentals of skis, kicksleds, snowshoes and Nordic skates. Daily and weekly rentals are available. Take them anywhere!

Pick up and drop off skis for your own adventures at the Forks. When the Nestawaya river trail is open, we also offer short term (hourly) rentals directly on the ice! You’ll find us out there in good whether, after work and on weekends in January/February, weather and ice permitting.

We also have group and single snowshoe rentals available at our West End location only.

All rental proceeds go toward making Winnipeg Trails’ famous free mobile ski library happen, which brings equipment trail grooming and other fun Winterpeg programming to unexpected places and new people!

Let’s explore!

Antique train car the the forks
Choose your own an adventure! Book your gear then come see us for skis, kicksleds or Nordic skates at Plain Bicycle at the Forks – 1001 Fort Gibraltar Way (In the old Sugar Mountain Candy train cars!) View hours
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Pink neon bicycle in the window of Sherbrook location
Come down to the river! We offer short term rentals of skis, Nordic skates and kicksleds right from a toasty blue ice fishing shack right the Nestawaya river trail! If our train car is closed during business hours, just come see us on the ice – or drop by! We open on the river whenever our staff’s toes, weather and ice permit! You will find us down there on nice days later in the week, after work and especially on weekends. Come see why people flock to the river trail. 😉
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Pink neon bicycle in the window of Sherbrook location
Inexpensive individual and group rentals of snowshoes are available from the Bicycle Garden – 267 Sherbrook St (Between Broadway and Portage). We are open by appointment only until late February.
Email us for snowshoe rates and availability.