November 2016 Update

We are going for it! We are close enough to our goal of 100 that we are making formal plans to go to the Netherlands this winter and put a shipment together. Worse comes to worse, the main organizers will cover the extra shipping on the non-sold bikes. As of writing this post though, we are at a solid 76 lucky people, and we are confident of getting close enough to call it. The signup (which includes the holidays) and to figure out some options. (Anyone need 100lbs of Gouda real bad?? Anyone own a company that wants a dozen for their employees?. People have until just about the day the shipping container is loaded to sign up. If you are already signed up, stay patient. It will be months yet and still not an easy task. You can follow progress on Twitter. If you are still a last minute type of person, we’ll keep the signup page until the last possible moment, but you won’t necessarily get any notice. From then until now, we’ll be calling all those friends who said “oh yeah i’ll get one, where do I pay again? when i get my next cheque.” We also have a bunch of cargo bike requests that hopefully we can help with on a case by case basis. Keep ’em coming. The more the merrier. No promises. Extra room in the container and availability will of course put a limit on for those ones.  Thanks so much to Trevor, Kaj, Sandy and everyone over at CBC’s Now Or Never for the radio spot and for helping us raise awareness.***

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